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Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland


Working for caring places and healthy communities 

Unleashing creativity through self-managed teams

We help purpose-driven organisations produce great outcomes and enriched jobs through self-managed team work.

Drawing on our founder’s three decades experience in 70 countries, we know what it takes to build trust-based cultures to support freedom with responsibility at work.

Since 2016, when we began working with Buurtzorg, we have supported radical change in more than 40 health and care organisations in Britain and Ireland.

Now we’re also working in social housing, social enterprises and charities – in fact, wherever leaders and professionals want to unleash the creativity of their people to produce great results and cut waste.

To arrange a no obligation, initial chat about how we could help you, please contact us.

Latest News

A global beacon: could Buurtzorg work in the UK?

A global beacon: could Buurtzorg work in the UK?

In the September issue of Care Management Matters magazine our very own Brendan Martin shares what’s behind the success of the Dutch care model Buurtzorg and explains what Britain can learn from the initiative. Amid all the doom & gloom about the state of health...

A blueprint for successful transfer of the Buurtzorg model?

A blueprint for successful transfer of the Buurtzorg model?

In the first of this series of blogs, Brendan Martin explained that Buurtzorg’s purpose is to support people to live their lives with meaning and autonomy, based on the belief that we all want to maximise our quality of life and control over it but are also...

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Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland