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Humanity at the heart

Public World works to put humanity at the heart of work, organisations and services, and by doing so improve outcomes and productivity and help strengthen communities.

One of the organisations that has inspired us most is Buurtzorg Nederland, which has grown from one start-up team to become the leading Dutch provider of community health care.

From 2017 to 2023 we traded also as Buurtzorg Britain & Ireland, supporting 40+ health and care organisations to make change inspired by the Buurtzorg model.

Now we have captured the lessons of that experience and our longer and wider body of work in some 70 countries in our Humanity at the Heart learning and development offer.

This site continues as an archive of our work as Buurtzorg Britain & Ireland, but for all our latest news please visit Public World.

And to join our Humanity at the Heart community of practice, to link up with others working for relational services through self-organised team work, please contact us.

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