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Public World are a business-to-business social enterprise committed to relationship-based public services, happiness at work and strong communities.

We support organisational change inspired and informed by Buurtzorg’s spectacularly successful model of self-managed team work.

Wherever you are on your journey, we can help. From inspiration through preparation, and from making the change to sustaining it, we’ll help you illuminate, map and navigate the path ahead.

Inspiration Workshops

Our Inspiration Workshops are perfect for organisations that are interested in finding out more about Buurtzorg and its principles. Whether you work in health and social care or any other service, if you’re interested in knowing how the Buurtzorg model can help you to produce great outcomes and enriched jobs in sustainable ways through self-managed teams, then this is a must for you.

We run online Inspiration Workshops at different times during the year. 

Alternatively, if you would prefer us to run a workshop specifically for your organisation, enabling us to address your specific interest and motivators, then please get in touch so that we can discuss your exact requirements and the number of people you wish to involve.

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Buurtzorg Building Blocks – 6 session course

If you’re inspired, as we think you will be, after attending one of our Inspiration Workshops. or already familiar with the Buurtzorg model and ready for action, your next step could be our Buurtzorg Building Blocks.

This six-module course provides learners with clear understanding of the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to reinvent your organisation the Buurtzorg way.

Starting with clarity of purpose and an understanding of the primary work process needed to achieve it, we’ll guide you through the solution-focused thinking and practice needed for self-managed teamwork and the coaching and back office supports needed to sustain it.

Our Building Blocks course can be tailor-made for your organisation or you can join with two or three others.

To find out which option will be best for your organisation please email

Bespoke Support Package

If you’re looking for a truly tailored programme of support specific to your organisation, then we would be happy to offer a no obligation, free consultation, to enable us to find out more about your requirements and create a bespoke package.

Our bespoke packages allow us to work closely with your organisation to:

– develop a Buurtzorg inspired model and framework
– provide support to your teams
– help to create the wider infrastructure needed for change to thrive

Our programmes are split into three areas of work: Preparing for change | Making the change | Sustaining change and continuous learning

Each area is then split into smaller modules whereby the training is delivered through a blended learning approach including

– E-learning materials
– Individual preparatory exercises for completion prior to workshop
– Online half-day workshop with participatory exercises.

Once we have discussed your aims and goals we will send you a detailed proposal with pricing and further information.

Our pricing will cover all costs of the development, updating and maintenance of our e-learning materials, including bespoke materials as required for your particular programme, as well as delivery and follow-up of workshops.

It also includes premium membership of our online community site and e-learning platform. This will give you access to all of your learning and development materials and a dedicated, confidential area for your people to engage with each other and us throughout your programme. It will also provide you with links to others in Buurtzorg and other partners and clients for sharing experience and relationships.  We also offer a 25% discount on any Public World event during your engagement with us.

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Coaching the Buurtzorg Way

Even the most successful self-managed teams need help from time to time – and so do their organisational leaders. We can provide:

  • Learning and development support to enable your own people to coach teams the Buurtzorg way as an additional element of our bespoke support package.
  • Occasional 90-minute sessions with one of our own experienced coaches as an external sounding board and advisor.

We also run courses for managers and others wanting to learn how to support greater freedom and responsibility for ‘frontline’ professionals and teams, even if not fully self-managing.

Get in touch to find out more.

Solution-Focused Action and Learning

How can organisations and teams involve all the right people in making decisions without getting bogged down in endless meetings that never seem to reach an actionable conclusion?

The answer is for everyone to understand where authority lies for different matters, who needs to be consulted and why, and how to reach action-oriented consensus in a solution-focused way.

We can help you master our tried and tested methods – including agenda-setting and structure for meetings — to decide, do, evaluate and learn for continuous improvement.

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