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As the year draws to a close we find ourselves reflecting on the last 12 months, as we did last December, with mixed emotions. We know that work continues to fight COVID, to ramp up the vaccination programme and to address the huge treatment backlog that’s grown with the pandemic. For those of you working to tackle these challenges every day, we once again send our heartfelt thanks for the work you do and your commitment to it.

Drawing on the positives, we continue to see amazing work being done by communities and organisations to build a better future and a highlight of our year was bringing together many of the people behind this work at our Caring Places: Building Healthy Communities Festival.

We recognise the growing movement to see things being done differently and we continue to do all we can to play our part and Build Back Better. In our December Newsletter you’ll find some of the highlights of our year.

We send you all festive greetings and we hope you will be able to enjoy some quality ‘me’ time, family time and community time in coming weeks as you celebrate the festive season