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Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland held its Inspiration Workshop to an international audience of health and social care leaders in London last week.

Building on the experience gained by working with NHS Trusts and local authorities across the country, the workshop was designed to be a high level introduction for leaders from the third and public sectors considering rolling out self-managed teams and pursuing greater integration in their own organisations.

Led by Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland COO, Paul Jansen,  Consultant, Tania Eber and Rachel Way the programme drew out the key learnings from pilots across the UK.  It also featured nurses and social workers who have been early adopters of the Buurtzorg way in the UK and also from a family about their experiences of receiving care from Buurtzorg teams in the Netherlands.

Delegates explored the origins of Buurtzorg and its core philosophy of ‘keep it small, keep it simple’ where integrated neighbourhood teams of care givers have no managers but are supported by coaches and a small, fit-for-purpose back office.  Key learning was shared around how, what is essentially a start-up model from the Netherlands, has been adapted to an existing UK health and social care system with its differences in culture, regulation and funding infrastructure.

A new Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland diagnostic tool was used to enable organisations to consider the key elements required to implement self-managed teams and integrated person centred care and how ‘organisation ready’ they are.

Feedback from the day was very positive with organisations keen to take their first steps on the journey to self-managed teams.

More events are being planned around the UK later in the year.  If you are interested on going on a waiting list to attend, please contact