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May 20 - 12:00 pm


August 20 - 01:00 pm

For the second in our Caring Places webinar series we bring together three true change leaders.

Donna Hall, who led the Wigan Deal as CEO there, is now chair of the New Local Government Network and leading the campaign for more local and community involvement in the public health response to Covid-19.

Kathy Evans, CEO of Children England, never lets a day go by without challenging neglect of children’s rights and interests, and is leading a ChildFairState inquiry in which young leaders are supported to reimagine the welfare state.

Maff Potts, having worked at senior levels in housing and other public services, concluded that what we all need above all in our lives is purpose and friendship. So he set up Camerados and, during the covid crisis, #Spoonroom.

If you wonder what love has to do with any of that, come and join the conversation. You’ll find they have plenty to say about it!