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40% lower care costs, highest patient satisfaction ratings, 4 times Employer of the year and highest-ever marks from the Care Regulator. And NO managers.

No wonder Buurtzorg – a Dutch care organisation – has attracted attention from all over the world with its revolutionary model of care.

Small, local, self-managing teams of care professionals delivering integrated health and social care in the community have delighted patients and achieved better outcomes at significantly lower cost. Coaches support teams, instead of managers directing them. Care is focused on prevention and building relationships, not time and task.

Come and join our Buurtzorg Inspiration workshop, to find out how they do it. And what it might mean for you.

Our workshop will cover:

  • How Buurtzorg went from four pioneering nurses to 1,000 self-managing teams

  • Why they keep winning the Dutch Employer of the Year Award

  • What their back office does to support the teams without controlling them

  • How a manager-less organisation gets top marks from the Dutch Health Inspector

  • How this model can work in a UK context

  • What our early experiences, with 15 pilots across the UK, can teach you

  • How to adopt the model into an existing organisation 

This workshop is intended for people in health and social care, commissioners, executives, nurses, allied health professionals, care professionals and others looking for ways to tackle an increasing demand for community care, shortage of qualified staff and ongoing budgetary pressures.

Expect to hear from our experts about the possibilities and challenges of transforming your organisation. Be inspired by case studies from the UK. Engage in active discussions with like-minded colleagues in the health and care system. And be supported in your early thinking about the steps you can take to this make this happen.

With the NHS Long Term Plan emphasising a higher priority role for delivering care in the community there has never been a better time to shape the future.


09.30   Arrivals & coffee

10.00   Buurtzorg in the Netherlands: humanity over bureaucracy – presentation/Q&A

11.00   Hopes & fears – Discussion in groups

11.45   Adopting the model in an existing organisation – presentation/Q&A

12.30   Lunch and networking

13.15   Lessons from the UK – presentation/Q&A

14.00   How to put this into practice – facilitated session in small groups

14.50   Reflections and next steps

15.00   Close  

Lunch will be provided. 

Price is £295 excluding VAT for the first person, with a 25% discount for the 2nd Ticket and 30% for a third booking. This will only be applied if completed on the same booking.