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October 19


09:00 am - 05:00 pm

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Buurtzorg, Change Management, Empowering teams, Healthcare, NHS, Organisational Development


IET London

2 Savoy Place

London, WC2R 0BL

How can all of us and our communities live our best lives on our own terms, and how should services and institutions help us?

Those are the questions we’ll explore at what we hope will be a celebration of our collective emergence from the pandemic — and a chance to share what we have all learnt from it.

We’ll kick off with a conversation about what makes for healthy communities and our afternoon plenary session will look at what systemic changes are needed to enable them to flourish.

In between, we’ll explore a range of topics, such as the future of community nursing, social care, general practice and more.

Come and learn from the stories of people drawing on public services and working in them, including nurses and caregivers working the Buurtzorg way.

Hear too from Jos de Blok, Kathy Evans, Clenton Farquharson, Alex Fox, Donna Hall, Mark Hoolahan, Katie Kelly, Brendan Martin, Maff Potts, Cormac Russell, Hazel Stuteley, John Timpson and more.

Above all come and share your own stories, in 12 conversations and hundreds of natters at one of London’s very best venues.