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In this BBC podcast released on the 2nd June, Dina Newman discusses whether companies can operate better without managers as part of their ‘People Fixing the World’ series.

It looks at the amazing results that can be achieved where self-management is introduced successfully whilst also highlighting potential pitfalls and the fact that self-managing teams aren’t built over night!

Buurtzorg, of course, feature in the podcast as does our wonderful colleague Madelon Tilburg from Buurtzorg International.

Dina and Madelon cover some interesting points including:

  • Buurtzorg Nurses don’t just work in the community as Nurses or Nurses Assistants but in small teams they are also responsible for some management tasks, such as finding their own office, recruiting new team members, scheduling rotas and drafting care plans.
  • The Nursing teams are trusted to support each other instead of there being a culture of checking and controlling.
  • A survey by KPMG shows Buurtzorg ranked the best in the country for patient satisfaction
  • Self management does not mean that there is no co-ordination, structures or procedures. In fact there are clear procedures. Its just that the ones that don’t contribute to better patient care are removed.

 It’s definitely worth listening to, which you can do so here: