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Have you heard about our Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland Community site?

It’s an online community platform which provides a safe space for professionals who are interested in or are using the Buurtzorg principles to learn from others and share their experiences.

It’s a place where we share our passion for all things ‘Buurtzorg’ and our belief in the difference it can make.

The site is open to individuals from any sector that are interested in knowing how the Buurtzorg model can help to produce great outcomes and enriched jobs in sustainable ways through self-managed teams.


We have 3 levels of membership:

Inspiration – for those that are interested in finding out more about Buurtzorg and its principles.

Education – for organisations that are just starting their learning with Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland.

Transformation – for organisations that are embedding the Buurtzorg principles within their organisation.


To register for access to the site, please email and ask to be sent a registration link.

We look forward to welcoming you to the site!